PTI - Exhaust

On the heels of their 2004 Breakout Album, ''Blackout'', PTI returns with the release of the remix companion, ''Exhaust'', this high profile release features 14 remixes plus onepreviously unreleased track. From the trance mix of ''Gone Silicon'' by NEGATIVE FORMAT to the NINish remix of ''IDentify'' by CHRIST ANALOGUE, ''Exhaust'' covers a wide spectrum of styles andsounds. In addition to those mentioned, Exhaust contains mixes by the likes of GOD MODULE, ASSEMBLAGE23, FLESH FIELD, Y-LUK-O, Z PROCHEK, INTERFACE, TORRENT VACCINE and more. Overall this full length release will be packing dance floors across the globe. As a bonus, the ''Exhaust'' artwork contains a secret code which will allow the buyer to access a special website where they can download the online only Disc 2. The Bonus ''Exhaust'' disc features even more remixes of the ''Blackout'' singles from TRIGGER10d, YAVIN4, Y-LUK-O, CAUSTIC, HOLON, FILAMENT 38 and more. This is 2xCDs for the price of one!

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