Prometheus Burning - Beyond Repair

Also from Hive is the brand new CD by Prometheus Burning! "Beyond Repair" is the sound of skyscrapers imploding - acres of wreckage careening, colliding, and smashing to dust, condensed into one immensely satisfying mindfuck. 11 tracks of propulsive noise, hard as iron beats, and deceptively infectious dancefloor barrages. Prometheus Burning bring the satisfying destructiveness back to industrial music - this is no distorted pop, no trance music about war. This is big fat noisey sledgehammer beats, razorwire vocals, and constantly morphing tortured electronics. Having recently appeared alongside Xanopticon, Dev/Null, and Duran Duran Duran on the "Jagoff Uprising" double-12" from Thaco Records, Prometheus Burning is ready to see wide release and send a few kids home crying from the clubs with bones pounded into gelatin. "Beyond Repair" features the intensely irresistable dancefloor landmines "Some Things are Meant to Stay Broken" and "Significantly Altered."

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