Plastic Noise Experience - Maschinenmusik

In the early 90's, PNE were one of the main players in German Dark-Electro with albums such as "Transmission," 'Visage De Plastique," "Transmitted Memories," "Strings Of Ice," "Rauschen," and others. PNE infiltrated dancefloors all over the world and started touring extensively throughout Europe exciting the crowds with numerous hits. However, due to trouble with record companies, PNE was abruptly forced to keep silent, but the giant awoke in 2002 with the surprise single release of "Clean Head" on "Square Matrix 001." Announced by the single "Maschinenraum," "Maschinenmusik" marks a return of the German legends! Uncompromising old-school EBM, harsh powerful German vocals, kicking distorted beats and virulent KRAFTWERK-like melodies... PNE overpowers you with an engulfing and explosive sonic experience building the bridge between the original Electro roots and 21st Century's "less is more" electronic movement. Features remixes by :WUMPSCUT:, SUICIDE COMMANDO, ARMAGEDDO N DILDOS, and SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS

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