Phill Niblock - Disseminate

'Disseminate Ostrava': For orchestra; Ensemble OCNM, conducted by Petr Kotik. 'Kontradictionaries': For trio with electronically sampled sounds; The Kontra Trio. 'Disseminate Q-02': For ensemble, Q-02 Ensemble. First Recordings. "Phill Niblock (born in Indiana, 1933) is a seminal figure in 'drone' music who crosses the Downtown and Improv scenes. A characteristic of Niblock's drone style is its subtle, gradual alteration of pitch which leads one to loose a sense of 'time' and draws one deeper and deeper into the sound itself. The remarkable thing is that Niblock achieves this effect by almost always using traditional acoustic instruments. Niblock is an intermedia artist using music, film, photography, video and computers; he initially was trained in the visual arts and worked as a photographer; he takes inspiration from minimal artists, including Rothko, Judd and Andre. 'Disseminate Ostrava': In this orchestra piece, the players read from a conventional score. There is no af ter-recording manipulation of the material. The recording comes from the Ostrova Days Festival in the Czech Republik, where the 41-piece Ensemble OCNM is supplemented by members of the Janacek Philharmonic.'Disseminate Q-02': Written for the Belgian ensemble for contemporary and improvised music, Q-02. The work creates a haze of slowly shifting, vibrating sounds

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