Pain Machinery - Chaos Transmissions

TPM, after more than a decade of face-smashing, fist-pounding anarchy in their home environs of Sweden and now several years in force with USA label, BLC Productions, presents a double-disc set that offers up pure visceral excitement. On one disc, “Chaos Transmissions”, the band culls the finest of their audio from early days to present, profiling the project’s electronic evolution from near-minimalism to high-tech programming and production, moving from a down-and-dirty grunge and punk feel on earlier compositions to more current compositions that are equally aggressive but more melodic in nature. Chaos Transmissions stands as a brilliant testament to the longevity of the band and is packed to the gunnels with pristine electronica. “Chaos Live”, on the other hand, is precisely what the name implies – a blistering, full-length concert from musicians who really come into their own when performing for an audience, revealing a dimension that is impossible to resist. The Chaos se t will unquestionably be a collector’s edition as well as a daily driver that will stay in the CD player long after other releases are ejected and put to one side.

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